Men’s Health Expo

Free screenings highlight inaugural health expo.

“This is our first expo but it will not be our last.”

— Everette Boobie Mitchell, Capital Youth Empowerment Program


More than 20 local organizations partnered to host the first Men’s Health Empowerment Expo, a full day event that featured health screenings, guest speakers and panel discussions June 8 at Charles Houston Recreation Center.

“We are trying to bring men in the community together and help them see the importance of men’s health,” said Everette Boobie Mitchell of the Capital Youth Empowerment Program. “We have over 20 agencies here. This is our first expo but it will not be our last.”

The expo featured health and vision screenings, HIV testing, and boxercise and healthy cooking demonstrations. Throughout the day, attendees participated in breakout sessions on top men’s health issues like prostate cancer, diabetes, and heart health.

The day also included guest speakers and a panel discussion on mental and holistic health. Wes Hall, host of, “Wizards Pregame Live,” delivered the keynote speech.

Other speakers included former Alexandria Police Chief Don Hayes and Pastor Lou Whiting of My Father’s House Christian Church International. 

Johnson Li was a volunteer with the Prevention of Blindness Society.

“I am here measuring the pressure of the eye,” said Li. “A test result of 10-20 is a healthy range. If the number is higher -- say 32 – that is an indication of glaucoma and needs further testing and follow up care.”

Event organizers include: Alexandria Health Department, Alexandria Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Activities, Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Beulah Baptist Church, Capital Youth Empowerment Program, Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria, My Father's Christian Church International, and the Social Responsibility Group.

“As men, our health is critical,” said AHD Director Dr. David Rose in announcing the expo. “But often, men do not have the resources and assistance we need to meet our own health goals. Attendees at the Men’s Health Empowerment Expo can leave the day with the tools we need to lead long, healthy lives.”