Nepenthe Features Mount Vernon


The special exhibit on Mount Vernon at Nepenthe Gallery  will last for six weeks at Nepenthe and here is the line-up for the next five ART+WNE+CHEESE events

Feb. 9: Important Paintings from Mount Vernon. Adam Erby, Curator at Mount Vernon, and Patty Owens, Nepenthe Curator, will present a lecture on selected significant paintings from Mount Vernon.

Feb. 16: White Historic Art. Painters and Historians, Pamela Patrick White and Bryant White of White Historic Art will discuss several of their original, historical American 18th century-based paintings and the stories and context behind them. Their presentation will include several of their original works on loan for this exhibit by local private collectors.

Feb. 23: Interesting Facts about Mount Vernon and Whiskey Tasting. Steve Bashore, Distiller, Miller and Historian at Mount Vernon’s Grist Mill, will lead guests through a Whiskey Tasting and describe the process that still takes place today at Mount Vernon. Jim Woods, History Interpreter at Mount Vernon, will share stories and information about George Washington’s home and property.

March 2: Scenes from Mount Vernon. Alexandria based watercolorist and juried artist, Gwendolyn (“Gwen”) Bragg, is an art instructor at the Workhouse Art Center in Lorton; she previously taught at the Art League School in Alexandria for 32 years. Gwen will display and discuss many of her exquisite watercolor paintings of Mount Vernon.

March 9: Embroidery of Nelly Custis Lewis. Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House staff and their volunteer corps, Nelly’s Needlers, will be on hand to discuss the embroidery of Eleanor (“Nelly”) Custis Lewis, who was raised at Mount Vernon, later lived at Woodlawn, and learned many of her expert needlework skills from her cherished grandmother, Martha Washington.

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