ZIPS Expands to Mount Vernon

One price dry cleaners opens in Sacramento Center.

ZIPS Dry Cleaners, known for its same-day, one price business model, has opened its newest store in the Mount Vernon area of Alexandria. Located in the Sacramento Center at 8796 Sacramento Drive, the 3,000-square-foot store marks the second in Alexandria and 14th in the state of Virginia for the Greenbelt-based franchise.

“Dry cleaners use very similar machines and solvents, but many places provide a lot of smoke and mirrors with things like paper that you just throw away,” said Andy Cucchiara, ZIPS vice president of operations. “ZIPS would rather provide the best service with the highest quality possible and provide the customer a lower price without including things that really are not necessary.”

At ZIPS, any item of clothing — from a necktie to a coat or pair of pants — is dry cleaned for $2.29, which is two times less expensive than the industry average. Garments are cleaned on-site, allowing for same-day service.

“You walk in, and you know exactly what you are going to pay,” Cucchiara added. “The model is very simple. There are no add-on prices. You bring it in by 9 a.m., and you have it by 5 p.m. the same day.”

Additionally, ZIPS uses a “green-conscious” closed-cleaning system that reduces waste, uses biodegradable plastic bags and recycles hangers.

“Our goal is to consistently deliver absolute customer satisfaction at a very affordable price point,” said Marlin Franco, general manager of the Mount Vernon store. “The fact is that everyone needs dry cleaning in some capacity. The real question customers should ask themselves is, ‘Would I rather pay $50-$60 for 10 pieces to be dry cleaned, or $22.90 for the same 10 pieces and have it done in one day?’”

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